Friday, April 29, 2011

DHARTI.. spare this from criticism...

A week  after  watching one of rarest regional films in the country that crushed the bussiness of its co-released hindi film ,  I read many reviews  lecturing  the same  typical critics tone of this could hve been bettr, that should hve been this etc etc…Since I once had an enthusiasm to criticise films on this very blog and now I don’t , I strongly  feel some exceptions should be made.. Atleast   1  out of 100 films  should be spared from criticism..and Dharti is that one film..
Punjabi  film industry has lost crucial 25 years of its film making .We have drained tonnes of punjabi talent to bombay. They all try to gain healthy publicity in punjab by just speaking punjabi  in interviews ,  and dance to sensless so termed punjabi bhangra nos .They would also desire to shoot their films in punjab, but they wouldn’t  desire to  help the drowning punjabi industry..
I f some artists have taken this initiative to curb the menance, why cant we just celeberate punjabi films getting released in best of the screens worldwide..i remember way back in 2006 people preferred watching Dil apna punjabi  over Kabhi alvida naa kehnaa and Dharti in 2011 over DMD..People gathering in such nos  for a punjabi film is a rare achievment.It took 15 years since acclaimed cinematographer Manmohan singh from bollywood( cameraman of all yash chopra films) initiated to make some punjabi films..He even opted out of working in veer zara just to make a punjabi film not even half the budget of VZ..Though all his films have been monotnous but he did bring  back the trend of films in punjab..
Flaws in Dharti are  not few but many….with  some hindi films such as udaan and gangster ( both made under 3 crore) that are amongst the best technical films of the decade Dharti with a 5.5 cre stands no where .The makers should have  avoided the expense of hiring a harley davison and audi cars and  put in mre to improve the camera wrk and make it look like a descent film..Also roadies shall stop idolising rannvijay  since he performed idiotically..believe, there are many other things in DHARTI that make no sense ..But  criticism on  such small attributes  should have made sense fr a hindi film because they have their history of thousands of films, hundreds of crores of budget,the best artists , and we the punjabi industry don’t ..Moreover DHARTI is an entertaing watch with some stunning dialogues and superb performances by jimmy shergill  and rahul dev..Also the film has a song SARKARAAN though in the end, but surely one of the best lyrics and with huge appeal..
Allegations have also been raised against Dharti of ripping rajneeti…ofcourse not…rajneeti’s influence can be felt, but copying and ripping are  very strong terms..rajneeti was itself a story with partial concepts of THE GODFATEHR and epic MAHABHARTA slapped together..But even that was done intellectually and not does Dharti, it tells a different story and has a charm to it..
Flaws in punjabi films must be spared since this is a premature state..let us give punjabi films some more redemption from criticism.For now regular production   of punjabi films is all what we need.We need people to watch more and more punjabi films..We don't need people to give expertise ratings wether these films should be watched or not..i thnk criticism can wait,atleast till we too make big films,release them in multiple languages and have our own film city some day..
   I strongly believe heavy budgeted bollywood films have potrailed a depressing  image of punjab and its culture..and to check that, we need quality punjabi cinema…but for that we need punjabi films being made regularly…So guys, be generous and watch Dharti..Though not a perfect film, but more entertaining than many hindi films. Have great time..:-)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kaagaz Ke Phool...Unaccepted yet adoring.!!

Kaagaz Ke Phool- Unaccepted yet adoring                            
  A lot of films fail commercially, and garner much praise and sometimes a cult status, long time after.  Kaagaz Ke Phool (1957) endured a lot of criticism for different reasons, and enjoys a cult status presently. I saw the film, and   tried to learn as much as I could about this declared masterpiece worldwide. So much love for the film has entangled me in perplexes. I would acknowledge acclaim bestowed at the film to a certain extent.
Crazy though, but I saw the film twice to elicit if I missed out anything. All I could realize was it remains technically the best film made in India. The awesomeness of camerawork in a scene where sun breaks through a stream of light entering tangentially on Guru Dutt sitting on a chair, musters an eye warming effect .Such an attempt stayed a hard puzzle for people until the cameraman for the film V.K MURTHY revealed he produced this effect with exposing light on pieces of mirrors. And guess what, today cinematographers say they couldn’t attempt this without cameras equipped with modern features. Also KAAGAZ KE PHOOL was the first Indian film made with cinemascope technology (technology that projects films on wide and large screens).But still, such attributes are not enough to label a film as classic. Why didn’t I like the film that much? Did it go over my head? I do enjoy serious old films. Pyasaa (by Guru Dutt himself) is a worthy classical display of solitude.
Kaagaz ke phool was a controversial film. It is believed viewers threw stones at the screen because the 50’s audience of India was amateurish to accept such audacious subjects. Also, the then president DrRajendra Prasad walked out of the premier after as he felt embarrassed. I am  scared to debate on the film against the ones deeply in love with it. Surely, the film is amongst the most influential works in India.
However, the freedom of expression still remains an unanswered quest decades after the film.  Unfortunately, our liking towards repeated stereotypical entertainment is never ending. Films like Kaagaz Ke Phool that absorb tremendous potential to expose loopholes in our customs are left deprived of their due accolades and have to wait for years, for the future generation to imbibe the philosophy and then label such films  as ‘cult’.

Cinema is predictable, but its influence is unpredictable. Whatsoever it was, I might have found Kaagaz ke phool 'boring' but I do admire the makers who poured in their heart, for the brave effort to challenge the ethics of Indian society then and introduce latest technology to India something present day film makers are not eligible of, for Guru Dutt who was an amazing film maker because his films showed how we think and not how we should think, the only definition for cinema I understand.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Day Back To School....

On the bench in 21 park i found a wallet..Surely belonged to a student as it had a 100 rupees note that suffered severe folds and lack of outside atmosphere..Following some registeration slips i identify the owner a studnt of a school adjoining the park. ..i decided to deposit it to the school..
The gateman guided me to the principal's room..
oh wow!! after so many years i was entering a school..years since i saw uniforms all around..On the way to the principal's office i was reminded mre of my own school..In the first corridor,few DRESS DEFAULTERS were made to stand outside their classes ..Standing outside the class was always fun and never punishment fr me..and  the same was fr the students here.nothing had changed..Schools even today have their own boring  routine..teachers thrashing students,cleaning of   floors after evry 5 mins,.,etc.
i entered the office and found a furious face threatning someone on phone of not allowing his ward to appear in exams..same old principal's punch//"aap kal hi aake mjhse miliye apne bache k sath else i wont allow him to sit in exams.".nothing had changed..our's was no less..
i gave her the wallet and she made a call to SHUBAM CLASS 11 COMMERCE..
minutes later two slim medium height boys reported..both were shubams..before anythng else could proceed she points  one of them
"ye sar pe kya h? chidiya ka ghonsla h? think you are a hero or what? just get lost you morons..comb your hair and then enter my office..''
they renter 5 min later with a champoo side
PRINCI--dono apna wallet nikalo..
{and yes throughout the process i was in pride of doing such a responsible deed}
one of 'em--ma'am m to lekar nahi ata
PRINCI--and you  ghosla hair boy? 
STUDENT--maam neither do i..
PRINCI--then to whom this one belongs?
BOTH IN CHORUS(VOICE SHIVERING)--ma'm there is another shubham..he hasnt come today
PRINCI--hmm!did he come yesterday?
STUDENT1--no ma'am..
STUDENT2 yes ma'am
pata nahi..
the matter was.
the required shubam was in deadly danger..and all because of me
the guy was on a bunk and was doing somethng in the park the day before.
PRINCI--let the bastard come tomorrow..
(now to me)thank you for your help nice of you anybody else would have preferred  purchasing two more cigg packets from this money..
now this was the time for me to be heroic..
ma'am i have somethng to say
many times i have seen students of your school smoking ,consuming drugs in the adjoining park..
arnt u doing smething?
PRINCI--beta see..what can i do?
i have written to the police so many times but they dont support..
my respponsibility begins when the students enter the gate..outside what they do i can't hold of it..
parents are becoming careless..its their duty.."
 really nothing has changed..
that shubam might be cursing me by now..:P

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My guilt confession...Film downloads..

After warning my fellow mates on why they should avoid using pirated stuff specifically films,am myself  perplexed  on why am I suppose to point them..
Why do I ask them to avoid and not stop doing so? Do I myself escape my believes for some exceptions? The ans is yes..and this is my guilt confession..
            Exceptions, when a portugese Brazilian cult classic "cidade de deus”( CITY OF GOD) is enlisted amongst the 100 best films ever made, not released in india neither is the ORIGINAL DVD available , the only alternative am left is to commit a sin of approaching this internet offering movies worldwide free…I download it and pray I better hate it. Surprisingly,I like it so much that it is the best film of my all time fav genre crime ..subsequently, I realise I should better hold on my wierd believes else I would be deprived of such great experiences..
            Somehow am not that guilty, Being a student I had my limitations. But my craze for films like avatar and inception triggered me to the extent of saving money out of cutting all my other expenses and purchase original dvd’s of both..obviously, I shouldn’t have expected admiration for such great job..Moreover I am reffered as jack ass since then..But do tell me, how thrilling far is it to watch an avatar on less than a 20 inch screen at your systems.And if for a reason you missed a film at the cinemas,then why is it painful to hire an original dvd on rent and watch..ofcourse,you arnt a jackass like me purchasing originals..But hiring on rent isn’t disgraceful..atleast it could be done for films that are available..
         Am known to have answers to everything..TO this I feel I should better not flount at others of what they should not do.. atleast till am known a jackass.. moreover it won’t be easy to justify you all people my loyality towards my passion..i think,I make the best to watch as much films I can on original stuff..If finance is an issue then I am sensible enough to wait for the DVD’S out months later of theatrical release..Renting does good for me..If I am trapped in a “CITY OF GOD” situation I would download it from the craziest database in the world..
           I would do so till I become capable of flying to brazil and get an original piece of the city of god..
           This heading holds great concern since I wish to have a private room someday equipped with home theatre and a library at one corner displaying the collection of my all time favourites; The godfather, the dark knight,City of god,The raging bull, Black Friday,shawshank redemption,Pulp fiction,pyasaa,dil chahta hai,hera pheri and…………….:-) 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Film Award ceremonies...from disgrace to reverence..

It might be  crazy of me for what am writing today... am just expressing my pleasure towards the recently held star screen awards honouring bollywood films of 2010..surprised!! UDAAN best film..:-)J
its high time since i stopped watching award functions for the manipulative judgments they gave...hritik being awarded best actor for his tainted performance in krish missing out sanjay dutt for  munnabhai.and the subsequent year all award ceremonies missed out taare zameen par in important nominations.
 many a times stars claiming and criticisng  the odious practise of fake judgments at award functions  were noticed cheering at the ceremonies performing and even giving speech of gratitude for the ESTEEMED HONOUR.Act of plagurising is nothng new in origins way back from our golden many of us would agree really that cult indian film SHOLAY was lifted from a japanese film the seven samurai..if you do, then believe me there are many, and to name a few  for instances would be partial..
My interest for star screen awards grew when neeraj pandey ( director a wednesday) won best director and best story teller.
surprisingly, Salman khan is the best actor( for the first time in his career).. i thought it should have been shahrukh, but its acceptable when it comes to impact..salman in dabanngg was highly influential than shahrukh in khan..obviously the nation went crazy for story less dabangg over khan.. also rakhtcharitra was placed in many nominations though it missed out an award..
with many of big films failing and small films getting more popular, the audiences shall realise the nice films they missed out at the theatres..
c'mon people,lets support such great move recognising real talent..who knows soon we shall produce better films than foreigners...
have fun at the movies...:-)

Friday, December 31, 2010 fav films of 2010..

though i missed out some expected great films such as 127 hours, amongst the ones i did watch...these are my recommendations..

director--Vikram aditya motwani (DEBUE)
simple yet disturbing story of  adoloscensce entangled between desires of young rohan and his grim father..his wish to escape the frightening  cane  and become a writer..UDAN comes as celeberation   for the excellence of film making soaked with melodrama and fun....anuraag kashyap (producer) once said" 90 percnt of indian film industry doesnt know how good films are alike..
you know what? aishwerya rai bachan refused to walk on red carpet at cannes to promote india's entry udaan..      kashyap  justified..:P

director--christopher nolan
another christopher nolan crime classic..people their in hollywood are blessed with vision and the capability to convert that vision into reality..
unpredictable,complicated yet engaging film..i wonder if films like inception would ever be made in india..the film has a scene where the city of paris folds itself to half...watching such extravagent happenings on screen are rare and not to be missed...

director--david fincher
you know what a fantastic film is like? its like one where the protagnist gets himself a visiting card that says 'AM THE CEO...BITCH.." a film that tells the story of the youngest billionaire so brilliantly.....mark zuckerberg( founder facebook).
and the film is..'THE SOCIAL NETWORK"....jessie esenberg could be an easy bet for the best actor at the academy ceremony in 2011

director--ram gopal verma
for me it was the most surprising film of 2010..i didnt expect anythng frm rgv and almost nothing from vivek oberoi.i accidently went on for it since i wasnt doing anythng at home..
its gory, yes, high on drama yes.but the climax scene of rakhtcharitra is one of the best scenes i hve ever enjoyed..vivek oberoi puffing a  ciggi says..."ye meri request nahi, order hai.."
and if you liked abhimanyu singh ( rann sa) from gulaal, then this time he is even more stunning with his fericious act of bukka reddy...rgv succeeds, and vivek oberoi has to be the best male performer along with shahrukh ( MNIK),ronit roy(udaan),abhimanyu singh from the same film..

director--karan johar
the only hyped film of 2010 that i liked...have a full blog on it..

director--anusha rizvi..(DEBUE)
a story of a poor farmer trapped in the media circus when he decides to commit suicide..potentially a poignant tale on the odious face of farmer suicides in the country and the corrupt enjoyable black comedy with an amazing indian ocean music..

love sex aur dhokha.
director--dibakar banergee
don't be ignorant following its isnt intented towards vulgularity or anyway unetthical..this film is surely a poignant attempt on the society via 3 stories of love sex and dhokha..each one told stunningly through the use of hidden cameras..and IF this isnt enough, let me tell you some other films by the same director include khosla ka ghosla and oye lucky lucky give it a watch..

some others worth mentioning films include.
once upon a time in mumbai
due date
black swan
do dooni chaar(DEBUE)
phas gye re obama
 am not an expert, i don't know the technical basics of film making..but i surely know what kind of a film excites me and arrests me to the happenings on screen...undoubtdly, these were the best films of 2010.. this is what entertainment for what is it for you?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Street DeLiGhTs!

 I was  told a guy here at the ram leela maidaan in derabassi  sells delicious dosa on a rehri and i must try it.. south indian has always been boring and complex form of of food..i simply hate use of folks and knives.      
But,street food has always been an attraction, partially because its cheap, and partially because the delightful additives  that we pretend avoid at our places…but guess the best part !  I need not be careful of the surroundings,I can discount all the sophistication and let the glutton inside go insane…So what! everybody does..As soon i entered the crowded open ground bhind the dera bassi bus stand, to my amaze there were so many rehris offering different cuisines of food...south indian,chinese,punjabi,veg non veg,juices of all kinds , and many more.......
We stopped at the dinesh famus dosa...a south indian guy who was so well coordinated with his actions stood on the other side..he could prepare 7 dosas in a few seconds...and he succesfully gathered the max crowd at his stall...i ordered a dosa that cost a 20 rs, and withinn minutes my order was placed..  i took the first bite  and that very moment i  decided  this was the best dosa i hve ever had...Of all the sagar n ratnaa,sundarams,ratnams and some other popular south eating dens in the city..i hve been to everywhere..but this was surely the best..
i couldnt help myself visiting sme other rehris near by...n that too were  enjying some descent bussiness..i tried veg  momos...( once again the est i ever had) a kathi kabab,cheese chilly and then a glass of fruit juice..
Believe me, by default the ambience was so full of  energy as many college students stopped at that very time in the ground..the ram leela maidaan was so overflowing with people  as if each one of them  didn’t hve food in yrs…
And yes, the fancy names do add to their charm..dinesh paapular dosa,bombay chat wala, chinese fastest food apna burger...etc etc..
it’s the most unhygienic delight..order , enjoy and burp!!!
Baaki dekhi jaegi…
it happens only in india… :-):-):-)